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Designing Your Portland Home for the Senses

Designing homes in or around Portland for the Senses

Touch – Fill your home with fabrics and upholstery that comfort. Chenille throws, silk sheets, Cotton linens and towels, fluffy pillows, down comforters, plush sofas – you will know if it’s right just by touch. When shopping for fabrics or upholstered furniture run your hands across the surface. Ask yourself “How does it feel?” and “How does it make me feel”?

Sight- Lovely things make us happy that’s why we strive to create a visually pleasing home environment. For some of us that means using soothing colors and neutrals while to others it means using vibrant colors. The key is to choose decorative pieces and color palettes that fit your personality so that when you look at your home it brings you joy.  This Crescent Moon and Fusion artwork is a great example of that.

Smell – We like things that smell good hence the multi-billion dollar home fragrance and perfume industry. Fragrances play a very special part in making us feel at home they can make us feel warm and comfortable as Vanilla does or whisk us away to exotic places as does the combination of mango and citrus or make us think of the Christmas holidays as do the scents of baked apple pie (cider), evergreen (Christmas Trees) and hot cinnamon roll (fresh cinnamon rolls baking). You can create a fragrant sensory experience at home by introducing your favorite scents via scented candles and fragrance warmers.

Sound – Soothing sounds are welcome and that’s what you want to strive toward in creating a sound decor in your home. Water fountains, calming music and even serene quiet contribute to a happy auditory experience. The sound of running water, ocean waves, rain and chimes also serve to calm and relax. Loud, abrupt noises create stress and will lead to your eventual unhappiness in your home.

Taste – Yes, this may sound odd but it really isn’t. When decorating your home you can use fruit and vegetables as decor. It’s decor that’s good for you :) A personal favorite is to fill clear glass bowls with an interesting color combination.  Here’s some cookbooks, also a great visual with any kitchen decor.

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Information Courtesy of Amber Gardner
Director of Marketing for The Gardner Team 


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